Researcher, Free Software Advocate and peacemaker in the spare time.

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Welcome to my personal webpage!

[ Celebrate 30 years of GNU! ]

I'm a Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation student at UFRN, plus a Biomedical Engineering researcher at LAIS. You can see my accomplishments as a researcher here. My favorite GNU/Linux distribution is Fedora, and even though I'm yet not an expert at it, I'm working my way around it :) I used Slackware for a while, but nowadays Fedora seems to fit more my style. I'm going to write a post about my reasons soon. I'm a Free Software Advocate plus a Fedora Ambassador which means I don't support proprietary software in ANY sense. I have even spoke about it in events. You can check out my presentations here. You can also check out my GitHub page in here.

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My favorites

Operating System: Fedora
Script language: Python
Compiled language: C
Shell: zsh
Editor: vim/GNU Emacs
IRC Client: irssi
Terminal emulator: Guake+Gnome-terminal


Fow now, I'd like to thank my friend @heuripedes, for the support given to set up this website.


You can reach me at mribeirodantas at, and I’ll be happy to hear what you think about the website, drafts, or whatever :)

Cel·lebra amb nosaltres el Dia de la Llibertat del Programari els dies 14 i 15 de setembre GNU
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