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Network Professionals Meeting (UNIRN 2013)

Fedora Project and the Fedora Security Lab.

X Latin-American Free Software Conference (Latinoware 2013)

Fedora: Sharing thoughts, experiences and passion.

Cachaça Filósifca (October edition, 2013)

Influences of software freedom in the indstry and other areas of the knowledge

Software Freedom Day Natal (2013) + 30th GNU Anniversary

Fedora Contributions to the FOSS Community of nowadays

Programação cultural da I Festa de Visuais da UFRN (September 2013)

How Free Software influenced the industry and other areas of the knowledge

I ENSOL Vale do Açu + F19 RP (2013)

How to contribute to Fedora?

Fedora 19 Release Party (Amador's house) (2013)

Fedora: Sharing thoughts, experiences and passion

Fedora 19 Relase Party - Instituto Khipu (2013)

Fedora: Sharing thoughts, experiences and love

Fedora 19 Release Party - Universidad Alas Peruanas Filial Cusco (2013))

Fedora: Sharing thoughts, experiences and love

2nd Natal Hackerspace Meeting (2013)

Fedora: Run, Contribute and join the community!

UFRN's Professions Exhibition (2013)

Academic Research in Computer Engineering

Opening Hangout of the PotiLivre Community Project (2013)

What is Free Software?

FLISOL [UNP] (2013)

OpenPACS: Managing medical images with Free Software

Talk a bit: Transformation through Information [UFPE] (2012)

Computer Multidisciplinarity: From Free Software to Biomedical Engineering

FLISOL (2009)

Free Software: The essence of the movement

VIII Seminar of Informatics and Computer Engineering [UFRN] (2007)

GNU+Linux: Strong GNU (arm) , Friendly Linux (hand). Is there colaborativity?

III Semana de Software Livre [UFC] (2007)

Free Software: Versatility, Productivity and Security

FLISOL / I Bienal of Informatics of Rio Grande do Norte (2007)

Taking the pinguim to your day to day: Necessiies of a Desktop environment with Free Software

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