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Since: 2011
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Hospitals in Brazil used to have (actually lots of them still do) a huge issue when it comes to store properly medical records. In fact, I should not say "store properly", since most of them is not storing nothing at all. OpenPACS is an open architecture aimed at suiting such needs not only when it comes to store efficiently medical records but also allowing the medical staff to review information remotely.

It creates not only an in site open environment that enables the staff to work with all the equipment from different manufacturers, but also an online unlimited environment that enables connectivity and homecare support for all professionals. (TVU 2013) (TVU 2013) (TVU 2012)

An Angel for ALS

Since: 2012
Until: Now

Patients with ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, need in some cases full time attention plus a very well formed medical staff in order to attend its needs. Some patients are so delicate that they can't leave their home. This way, a homecare unit would be the ideal but it's not that easy. Unfortunately, there isn't enough professionals to give the necessary support to all the patients with ALS. It happens, in part, not only due to the number of professionals essential to the staff, but also due to the number of people which grows faster than the number of healthcare professionals in under development countries.

In Brazil, all patients with ALS have the right to have a mechanical ventilator at home. However, most of the time they go with functions locked to avoid misuse that could have as consequence the death of the patient. Therefore, the patient ends up having an efficient device at home, but unable to understand all its features and usage.

An Angel for ALS, which in portuguese is an ambiguous expression that sounds like "An angel for her" (ELA is ALS and also the pronoun for SHE), is a project that aims to design a SBC coupled with the mechanical ventilator that will through OCR and other technologies gather all the essential vital parameters of the patient and allow the medical staff to remotely see the clinical picture of the patient and take decisions based on that. (InterTV 2013) (SimTV 2012)


Since: 2012
Until: Now



Until: Now

PACU is a toolchain that will suit most of the needs of a PACS administrator. It's at its very beginning, not even in alpha version, but we're already very optimistic about it. There is an enourmous number of not well documented and experimental softwares applied to telerradiology. We intend to build a collection of the best softwares available and even develop our own for the fields that have no solution offered so far.

Differently from most PACS projects, we're not using Python, Java or C. We want to make it run as smoothly as possible, being modular and easily editable in case the administrator wants to customize it to their environment. That's why we chose ShellScript which is a very well known script language for any GNU/Linux server admin.

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