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Latinoware 2013: Overview.

Marcel Ribeiro Dantas [mribeirodantas at]

Published on October, 21th. (Last modified on: October, 21th)

The Latin American Free Software Conference, also known as Latinoware, is one of the largest Free and Open Source conferences in the world. It has achieved its 10th edition, anually held at Technology Park Itaipu in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil. This year, the conference received 4620 participants from all 27 brazilian states plus over ten countries such as: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Unite Kingdom, Switzerland and Venezuela.

I'm glad to announce Fedora Project was present on this edition of Latinoware, and very well presented I must say. Right between our fellows at the Red Hat and the RDO booth, we had Fedora Project booth. Marcel Ribeiro Dantas (which happens to be me), Ramilton Gomes, Fernando Cabral, Eduardo Echeverria (Venezuela), Juan Carlos Lin (Paraguay), Rino (Argentina), Leonardo Vaz and Daniel Bruno, summing up 8 Fedora Ambassadors, were in charge of our booth presenting a total of 8 talks about Fedora and related subjects in the event. No FOSS Project either other FLOSS Operating System had not even half of the number of talks we had.

Fedora Ambassadors at Latinoware

Our booth was very well visisted. We tried to focus the distribution of Fedora DVDs/Stickers/Pins/Pens during our talks, gifting some Fedora contributors along the way, plus people curious about Fedora. Thanks to Eduardo Echeverria (echevemaster), several people had their Operating Systems switched to Fedora; Definitely something nice to see. Over 400 medias, hundreds of stickers and dozens of pens/pins were distributed in Latinoware, representing the good number of visitors we had in our booth and the audience at our talks.

Interview about Fedora 10 years at TV Espírito Livre

At the end of the event, we had the pleasure to be invited by TV Espírito Livre (Free Spirit TV) to be interviewed about Fedora and its 10 years. I'm not sure but I believe we were the only FOSS OS project interviewed at Latinoware by TV Espírito Livre, which once again proves Fedora's strength at such event.

Fedora Ambassadors at Latinoware

Amazing things happened, friends got closer and lots of knowledge was shared. Latinoware, I miss you and I already look forward for its 11th edition, next year :)

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